Marielle Rubin

Originally from Boston, Mari is a recent Philly transplant. Fully trained on the mat through Balanced Body, she is currently enrolled in full apparatus training through the Pilates program at Drexel University. Mari fell in love with Pilates a number of years ago, as the practice taught her to approach her physical and mental health in an intuitive way, and she loved how emotionally empowered and physically strong she felt after each class. She loves how precise and purposeful the practice is, and she wants her students to gain strength, stability and really challenge themselves throughout her classes. While constantly looking to help her clients challenge both their bodies and minds, Mari believes that hard work, discipline and confidence will help them accomplish their goals.

Marielle Rubin instructs the following:
  • Pilates Mat (Beginner Level)
  • This mat class is a great place to start for beginners or those new to Pilates altogether. The slower pace and modified exercises will help you to learn the system and prepare you to join open level mat classes as you progress.

  • Pilates + Props
  • Play around with props in this creative & challenging class! All levels are welcome, but keep in mind that props often serve to amplify the practice, making this a more challenging flow.

  • Pilates Morning Wake Up
  • An Open Level Mat Pilates Class designed to get your energy flowing, and the body and brain ready for a successful day ahead!

  • Pilates Mat (Intermediate/Advanced Level)
  • A full intermediate/advanced class utilizing the original series of exercises as created by Joseph Pilates. This class will challenge and take you to a new level of awareness of your body and technique. Recommended for people with strong technique and experience with Pilates only.

  • Pilates Mid-Day Escape
  • An open level, lunchtime Pilates Mat workout. Pop in over lunch to get your body moving and blood flowing! Written up as one of the best mid-day workouts in Philly, it's guaranteed to be effective and challenging!

  • Pilates Series: Beginner
  • Have you ever left a Pilates class saying "WOW, that was really hard, but I don't know if I was doing it right"? If yes, then this is the PERFECT workshop for you.
    The first of our 3-part Pilates series, the Beginner Pilates workshop will serve to lay the groundwork for any successful practice. In this back-to-basics workshop, we will revisit the fundamentals of our Pilates practice to help you better understand each exercise. This will help ensure that you are most effectively using Pilates to strengthen and tone your entire body.
    This workshop, however, is not just for beginners. Many intermediate, and even advanced, students develop habits that over time  serve to detract from their progress within their Pilates practice. This is the perfect opportunity to reset and progress to the next level.
    The workshop will be 2 full hours - 1 hour of break-down instruction, and a 1 hour class. Both portions of the workshop will be lead by Hally Bayer and Mari Rubin.