Alexandra Tomlinson

I am passionate about helping individuals optimize their minds and bodies, discover their IN-Power™ and truly thrive! 

As a life-long competitor and former Division I athlete, I developed a deep respect for the power of the mind body connection and its ability to impact every aspect of life at a very early age.


Through decades of intense training, it became clear that with a healthy and sharp mind and body, success was effortless. I also learned how quickly that connection could be lost or clouded by trauma or circumstance, resulting in devastating, or in my case, life-threatening consequences. I became passionate about nutrition and the power of whole foods to impact the body's ability to heal. I completed my studies at Cornell with a special emphasis in nutrition and health programing and counseling and later furthered my training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.


In conjunction with nutrition, I discovered healing power of alternative forms of mind body development, and honed various techniques that enabled me to harness my hyper driven mind through integrative exercise, yoga and meditation. This exploration and subsequent training resulted in a full recovery and sustainable practice that promotes my health and wellness.


I elected to further my education and received my Master of Science in Social Policy and Master of Public Health from the University of Pennsylvania. While at Penn, my research focused on the use of Restorative Yoga and meditation and mindfulness for student athlete stress reduction, well being and performance enhancement.


While my path to finding my IN-Power was one of many ups and downs, it has allowed me to embrace my passion for holding the space for athletes of every ability and for those seeking to harness the power of the driven and competitive mind and body, to tune in, reconnect and realize optimal performance, in every arena of life.


With a steadfast meditation practice, commitment to balanced nutrition and exercise and self care, I live fully, learn daily, and find deep fulfillment in guiding others on guiding others on the path to finding their IN-Power. 

Founder, IN-Power™ PerformanceMPH and MSSP, University of PennsylvaniaRestorative Yoga PractitionerCertified Health and Wellness Coach, Institute of Integrative NutritionB.S Communication and Nutrition, Health and Society, Cornell University

Alexandra Tomlinson is currently not instructing any classes.