Pilates Mat (Open Level)

This class is taught by:

Kate Abernethy

Kate received her Pilates certification in June 2016 from Drexel Pilates- a 450 hour comprehensive training program including mat, mixed equipment, and reformer exercises under the direction of Jennifer Morley. Kate holds a BFA in dance from Mount Holyoke College, and was always intrigued by Pilates and it’s benefits throughout her college career. After breaking her foot while stepping off a curb, Kate turned to Pilates for a practice in moving mindfully and efficiently, which she now incorporates into her everyday life as well as her dancing. Kate teaches both mat classes and private sessions, encouraging her students to take up space while maintaining Pilates principles and to embrace challenging movement with humor and optimism.

Jessica Kroboth

Five words that describe Jess and her teaching style: Warm, challenging, thoughtful, energetic, fun!

1. What inspired you to become a Pilates teacher?

My interest in Pilates began in high school as an exercise technique that compliments my passion for dance. I fell in love with Pilates during my Pilates comprehensive training with Jennifer Morley at Drexel University. I was so excited to find a movement form that is so accessible to everybody's body! I know how wonderful I feel inside and out after physical activity. I enjoy inspiring others to celebrate what the human body is capable of.

2. What makes your class unique?

While my class will require focus and precision, expect to strengthen, lengthen, and tone with fun flowing sequences. I like to to keep the class moving to ensure a full body workout. I use my back ground in choreography to support the class flow with minimal breaks and transitions.

3. What's your favorite thing about teaching at Thrive?

Community. I love the personal relationships with fellow instructors and the clients I have already built. As a newer instructor at Thrive, I hope to continue finding and providing love, support, and awesome workouts!

4. What are you doing when you're not teaching Pilates?

If it's not fitness, it's food! I enjoy taking all kinds of group fitness classes throughout Philly. I also love to eat. My partner and I met ten years ago when we both worked together in the service industry. We enjoy taking advantage of all the amazing cuisine Philly has to offer. We also know our way around a kitchen if you ever need recipe ideas!

5. What's one song that will pump you up?

I want to Dance with Somebody by Whitney Houston. It pumps me up every time!

Current Services offered: Group Pilates, Private Pilates, TRX

Marielle Rubin

Originally from Boston, Mari is a recent Philly transplant. While she was originally fully trained on the mat through Balanced Body, she did an additional mat training and her full apparatus training through Drexel University.  Mari fell in love with Pilates a number of years ago, as the practice taught her to approach her physical and mental health in an intuitive way, and she loved how emotionally empowered and physically strong she felt after each class. She loves how precise and purposeful the practice is, and she wants her students to gain strength, stability and really challenge themselves throughout her classes. While constantly looking to help her clients challenge both their bodies and minds, Mari believes that hard work, discipline and confidence will help them accomplish their goals.

Ella Cuda

Ella loves to fuse her knowledge of traditional dance technique, breath inspired movement and yoga to create an invigorating and smooth flow to each style of class she offers. Ella received her BFA in Dance from The University of the Arts in 2015; her love of moving and years in dance class inspired her to pursue her Barre teacher training certification with Kelly Love. On the contrary, she discovered yoga’s physical and mental healing capacity after sustaining an injury while dancing years ago; since her initial introduction to the practice her passion for yoga has flourished. Ella graduated from Beyond Asana RYS, completing 200 hours of Vinyasa study, as well as the 48- Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Intensive with Brittany Policastro and a Postpartum Teacher Training Certification with Lara Kohn Thompson.  Most recently Ella graduated from the 450 Hour Drexel Pilates Program.
All forms of movement allow Ella to “let go” of limiting inhibitions; she strives to offer a class that allows others to also release into their potential and enjoy their physical practice in a safe and supportive environment. She believes in sustainable growth (on and off the mat) and strives for students to discover a unique, individual movement style that will continue to serve them far into their future. She feels drawn to working with a broad population, from those who have never stepped foot on a yoga mat or into a Barre class, to expecting mothers, families, and the experienced mind-body practitioner.   Ella recently assisted for The Art of Yoga Project pilot program in west Philadelphia, a non-profit organization that uses art, yoga, and journaling for early intervention to help at-risk and sexually exploited girls prepare for a positive future. She is an Eat Breathe Thrive- Yoga for Eating Disorders certified Thrive Tribe facilitator. 
Ella organizes the Karma Yoga Classes at the studio, establishing partnerships with other businesses in the community to create events to benefit organizations in Philly and other areas. You can find Ella assisting with general studio management from ensuring emails are answered to posting photos to social media and keeping the studio running smoothly.   She splits her time between her home in South Carolina and Philadelphia, equally missing each when away.  She is an avid tea enthusiast, nature lover and devoted sister.
Our signature Pilates Mat Class, perfect for practitioners of all levels! This flow is geared towards beginners and advanced practitioners alike, utilizing creative modifications and amplifications. Expect a great workout utilizing all of the classical mat work and Pilates fundamentals.

Upcoming classes:

  • Thu Dec 20 6:15 pm - 7:15 pm with Kate Abernethy
    at Thrive Pilates
  • Tue Dec 25 9:45 am - 10:45 am with Jessica Kroboth
    at Thrive Pilates
  • Wed Dec 26 9:00 am - 10:00 am with Marielle Rubin
    at Thrive Pilates
  • Fri Dec 28 9:45 am - 10:45 am with Marielle Rubin
    at Thrive Pilates
  • Fri Dec 28 5:45 pm - 6:45 pm with Marielle Rubin
    at Thrive Pilates
  • Thu Jan 03 6:15 pm - 7:15 pm with Ella Cuda
    at Thrive Pilates