Pilates Breakdown: Master the Fundamentals with Hally and Mari

This class is taught by:

Marielle Rubin

Originally from Boston, Mari is a recent Philly transplant. Fully trained on the mat through Balanced Body, she is currently enrolled in full apparatus training through the Pilates program at Drexel University. Mari fell in love with Pilates a number of years ago, as the practice taught her to approach her physical and mental health in an intuitive way, and she loved how emotionally empowered and physically strong she felt after each class. She loves how precise and purposeful the practice is, and she wants her students to gain strength, stability and really challenge themselves throughout her classes. While constantly looking to help her clients challenge both their bodies and minds, Mari believes that hard work, discipline and confidence will help them accomplish their goals.
Whether you're a Pilates beginner looking to kickstart your practice, or a more advanced practitioner seeking a deeper understanding of the Pilates fundamentals - this workshop is for you!
In this 2 hour workshop we will break down the fundamental groundwork that Joseph Pilates so carefully developed to create the backbone of his practice: Strength, Stretch, Stamina & Stability. We will take that knowledge and apply it a rewarding beginner's flow.
While Pilates can be an elusive practice for some, this breakdown will serve to make Pilates more accessible and understandable! Whatever your level, you will find this workshop enlightening and informative.